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Responsibilities: Office of Civic Engagement

  • Initiate, Formulate and Evaluate policies relating to Citizens and Stakeholders cohesion and engagement
  • Handling and promoting Stakeholders’ Fora with Civil Societies, Students, Churches, Mosques, Artisans etc
  • Promoting Issues and activities relating to Volunteerism and Community Engagement.
  • Political and Legislative issues relating to the Executive and Legislative Arms
  • Political Engagement and Inclusion
  • Liaison between the Executive and Legislature on Political matters
  • Arrange meetings between the Legislature and the Executive
  • Advise the Governor on Political and Legislative matters
  • Create congenial atmosphere for the working together of the Legislature and Executive
  • Liaison between the State Government and Political Parties at National, State and Local Government Levels.
  • Political Correspondence
  • Handle Petitions and Appeals coming to the Governor from the Legislature
  • Political Intelligence
  • Mobilize support for State Government Executive Bills at the Public Hearing of Lagos State House of Assembly
  • Evaluate and Monitor Legislative proceedings at the National and State Levels
  • Organize Assent Ceremonies on Bills passed by Lagos State House of Assembly
  • Sensitization/ Advocacy of Laws passed by the house of Assembly
  • Petitions and Appeals to the Governor from Non Public Officers
  • Any other duty that may be assigned by the Governor

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